The sun is still shining, but the doors are temporarily locked

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Well what a crazy few days we’ve had; it was definitely a weekend of mixed emotions for me.  On Friday evening the Government guidelines regarding Covid-19 changed to include the closure of spas, wellness centres and massage parlours (read into that what you want?!), so Thyme’s doors have closed temporary.

This news was not unexpected and I will not be sitting around doing nothing for three weeks…well, maybe not all the time…so this is where you come in!

What can I do to see you through to your next appointment. Is there a treatment you’d like to know more about that I can create a video for? Do you want to know more about the products I have and how they work?  Or simply some skin care tips? Maybe there’s something that you feel I could be offering but currently don’t.

If you have any suggestions at all (and quite frankly, if I don’t do something work related, I’ll go nuts!) then please contact me via Facebook or by email and I’ll see what I can do.

Stay safe,
Caroline x

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