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Are you confused by all the skincare jargon?

Not sure what you should be using or where to start?

Are you starting to see a few fine lines and winkles?

Current skincare not making a difference?

Clients often tell me how confused they are about their own skin and the products they’re using, there are so many buzz words and ‘experts’ online telling us what to do, that it leaves us unsure where to even start.

Is your goal to change something about your skin or would you simply like to ‘age well’? If the answer is yes, then often this cannot be addressed with a monthly facial, and ‘off the shelf’ products, just as going to the gym once a month and eating rubbish will not achieve the ‘body beautiful’.

Let’s work together to reach your skins Personal Best.

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The Skin Gym can help the following skin concerns

  • Acne
  • Acne Scarring
  • Pigmentation
  • Sensitivity
  • Ageing
  • Dryness / Dehydration
  • Anyone who just needs a bit of help with their skin!

Your Skin Gym membership will include

  • Initial consultation and individually tailored plan
  • 12 weeks of supplements
  • 12 weeks of professional grade skincare to suit your skin concern.
  • 12 weeks of in-salon treatments
  • 12 weeks use of LED mask if appropriate.
  • Ongoing advice and education from your very own Skin PT!

How much does The Skin Gym cost?

Your 12-week Skin Workout is £2,500.

This is paid at the start of your 12-week period, then you can just relax and let me sort out the rest.

What do i need from you?

100% commitment and trust in the process.  We will work together on finding the right home care routine that suits your lifestyle as well as your skin concern.  This is quite often a fluid process and so the plan may change as your skin changes.  You will need to carry out homecare, doing this alongside in-salon treatments (a boost to your daily routine) is needed to achieve your goal.  This is the same as having a personal training session once a week and not doing the exercises given to improve in-between.