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We can remove your unwanted hair!! From (pretty much) any area of your body!!  Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis, are safe and highly effective methods of hair removal. Which one you have can come down to personal choice, but can also be determined by your skin and hair type.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL using the Initia Diode Laser has the ability to carry out quick, safe, ‘pain-free’  hair removal on all skin types.

The Initia has IceTip Technology which cools the skin during the treatment, dramatically reducing discomfort and aiding the ‘Pain Free` mode….and it really is pain free!  This can be used on larger areas such as legs, back and chest, but also the bikini line and underarms.

The laser has ultra-fast treatment times for example a full leg can be treated in around 30-45mins.

Patch tests are always required and at your initial consultation (especially if you’re particularly fair) we will ascertain if the treatment will be successful for you.

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ELECTROLYSIS is an extremely effective way to remove hair but as each hair follicle is treated individually, it takes its time especially on larger areas.

It works by sending a current into each individual hair, which causes a chemical reaction at its root, destroying it and therefore stopping any regrowth.

Electrolysis is effective on all types of skin and hair and a patch test is required.

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